Nu-Chrome Metal Restoration Customer Testimonials

Here at Nu-Chrome, we strive for complete customer satisfaction. Over the years, many customers have sent in pictures and letters describing their car or truck restoration project. More recent examples can be found below.

Chromed K2 Allard 1950 K2 Allard owner testimonial
Nu-Chrome customer

June 17, 2008

Nu-Chrome Restoration
161 Graham Road
Fall RIver, MA 02720

Dear Brad,

Thank you for the phone call you made last week to check up on my satisfaction with the plating that you did for my 1950 K2 Allard a short while ago. I requested show quality work, and that is what I received. I am very happy with the job that was done.

Recently this car has received trophies from the Radnor Hunt and Burns Foundation concours. It was also awarded a Grand National First Prize at the Antique Automobile Club of America Grand National Meet, in Melbourne, Florida. Additionally, it was featured in the June 2008 issue of Road & Track magazine (article can be viewed here, pictures available here).

I will be in touch with you in the near future for additional plating work and I will recommend your company to my colleagues in the old car hobby.

Sincerely yours,


Restored Lotus Europa bumpers, tail lights, badges Restored Lotus Europa bumpers, tail lights, & badges
Click image for larger view


I'm the guy with the Lotus Europa bumpers, tail lights, and badges you did last summer... Anyway, thought you'd like to see how the project turned out.

Paint is Sikkens polyurethane, 6 coats hand-rubbed and polished.

All your chrome work is installed and looks better than it did coming out of the factory. It sparkles. If this is your normal quality, I'd probably be blown away by the concours level.

Great work! It really makes the car look stunning.



Chromed Chrysler Town & Country 1949 Chrysler Town & Country owner testimonial
Nu-Chrome customer


I finally finished the Chrysler and took some photos (available here).

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of your chrome work. Now that I have some free time I'm sure I'll find more stuff to do so you'll be seeing me soon.

Hope your having a great summer.


K2 Allard restoration, Nu-Chrome customer featured article Road & Track Magazine article page one | two | three
Nu-Chrome customer featured article

An Allard to Amelia (Excerpt)

The journey of one man's K2

By Tom Cotter, June 2008

For old-car show entrants, early mornings are always the same: Open trailer; open hood; switch battery on; turn engine over to build oil pressure; ignition on; pull choke knob, and cross fingers the old girl will fire up.

Failing that, a little shot of ether into the carburetor usually does the trick.

Broooom. When it fires to life, the smell of unburned fuel and exhaust smoke fills the dark sky. It's a thing of beauty.

This same scene was repeated nearly 300 times in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday, March 9, as entrants prepared to drive their classic cars toward the 10th and 18th fairways at the Amelia Island (Florida) Concours d'Elegance.

(Read the full Road & Track Magazine article here - page one | two | three)

Ford Double A Dump Truck restoration, Nu-Chrome customer featured article Cool Cars & Hot Happenings article one | two | three
Nu-Chrome customer featured article

Eye Candy (Excerpt)

Al & Carol LeGrow's M&M Dump Truck "Al's Dream"

Story By Bob McLean, Jan/Feb 2005

For Right Coast Association Charter Lifetime Members Al & Carol LeGrow of South Setauket, Long Island, NY, the word "Lifetime" is more than just a word... it really describes their life long involvement with the automotive hobby.

And... of all the dozens of cars and trucks they have built and owned over the years, this month's Member Ride, a 1931 Ford Double A Dump Truck, may be the most unique! They call it Al's Dream... we like to think of it as "Eye Candy."

Now, we know what you're thinking... why the M&M's? We'll get to that. First, a little history.

It was March of 1968 and Al was on his way home from his friend's house when he noticed this old workhorse sunning itself on the side of a barn on a florist's farm in Wantagn, LI. It literally stopped him in his tracks. He backed up to the farmhouse, got out of his pickup, went up to the door and knocked.

(Read the full Cool Cars & Hot Happenings Magazine article here - page one | two | three)

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