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Pot metal has many names. White metal, die cast, & zinc die cast are a few. Whatever the name, it is generally an alloy of low temp metals casted into organic shapes such as door handles, steering wheel centers, hood ornaments, grilles, and various other dash & trim pieces.

Over time, pot metal will deteriorate, leaving the surface randomly pitted. This pitting is both problematic to resurface & rechrome. We've developed a multi-step process to resolve almost all surface prep & plating issues.

The first step in the restoration of your part(s) is the removal of all existing plating. To ensure a quality job, the part must be brought down to its base metal. This is done by a chemical that removes the existing chrome and nickel plating. After the plating has been removed, the parts are sandblasted clean, and / or chemically cleaned to remove rust. This helps us identify the flaws (pitting, scratches, rot) in the base metal that must be addressed.

Nu-Chrome technician, pot metal restoration A Nu-Chrome technician performs metal restoration

For those parts that are deeply pitted or rotted, our welders will either cut out and prefabricate the rotted area, or will solder the flawed areas. Our welders have developed the skills and techniques required to address both the variety of metal and metal condition faced in restoring old metal parts.

Using a series of abrasives your parts are polished to a near mirror-like finish. Over the years, our workers have devised a number to techniques and tools that polish the metal without damaging the fine detail. This is especially necessary in the handling of the more delicate pot metal castings used in many older cars.

After polishing, your parts are copper plated. The copper plate both protects the metal and allows our workers to buff your parts to a near-flawless condition. Your parts are removed from the copper solutions, rinsed, and buffed. In the buffing process, soft cloth wheels are used to remove small surface imperfections, and to bring the parts to a mirror shine.

Your parts are then cleaned and immersed in our nickel plating tank. To insure a quality product, our platers continue to monitor the condition of the plating solutions. After approximately one hour, your parts are removed with a brilliant nickel plate.

The final step of chrome plating gives protection and luster to your part(s). It is the last step in the Triple Chrome Plating process (1. Copper, 2. Nickel, 3. Chrome). Your parts are inspected at all steps in the production process. For instance, if a flaw is found after copper buffing, it is either returned for additional copper plating or sent back to the welders to repair the defect.

Competitively Priced, High Quality Chrome Restoration

Chrome plated 1929 Cadillac 1929 Cadillac, Best Of Show Winner, Rhinebeck, NY
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At Nu-Chrome, we understand that you may need pricing information to evaluate restoration options.

Our skilled tradesmen are able to cater to the quality level that you require, ranging from show cars to daily drivers.

In order for us to provide a cost estimate or quotation for the service, Nu-Chrome needs to know your project requirements.

Phone Contact (800-422-8012)– Call us anytime to discuss the details of your project with our Sales Manager, who has over 30 years of restoration experience.

Email Contact ( – We can provide a detailed response to questions submitted via e-mail. This contact option allows digital pictures to be sent for evaluation and also provides a record for your file.

Visit our pricing page to learn about Nu-Chrome's 3-phase pricing procedure.

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