Antique Car Bumper Restoration & Chrome Plating

Pitted bumper repair, chrome plating Even badly pitted bumpers can be repaired

Our skilled technicians are able to cater to the quality level that you require. With an expert ability to restore pieces in nearly any condition, Nu-Chrome offers the following antique car bumper restoration services:

  • - chrome strip
  • - nickel strip
  • - paint strip
  • - media blasting
  • - straightening, alignment
  • - steel weld or brass filling
  • - nickel / chrome plating
  • - bracket & tab repair
  • - cold/ hot forming
  • - rot repair
  • - grinding
  • - polishing
  • - buffing
  • - copper plating
  • - patching

The typical daily driver quality bumper restoration begins with a core that we electrochemically strip the old chrome from using a process very similar to electro plating, in reverse polarity.

After a rinse, the bumpers are media blasted with aluminum oxide to remove rust & degrease. Afterward, a specialist places it on a level steel table to examine the bumper for trueness & torque.

Antique car bumper restoration One of our restoration technicians prepares a bumper

Most straightening and dent removal are done by the skilled hand, eye, & hammer of a technician. Next, surface grinding removes scratches & levels the surface profile to be even & consistent. Next, the bumper is polished which removes grind marks & further levels the surface. Finally, the bumper is buffed out to a mirror like finish & now it's ready to begin the plating process.

Bumpers are washed in a hot caustic cleaner to remove soils & contaminants, rinsed in de-ionized water, dipped in hydrochloric acid, then into the bright nickel tank to plate. After a rinse, the bumper is put into the chrome tank for its final plate. Once it passes QC, it's on it's way back to its owner.

For show chrome, you can add on several redundant steps & quality checks that guarantee the outcome is as flawless as possible. In house evaluations determine if a bumper is capable of producing a show quality finish. In addition, show quality jobs are plated using a cyanide copper strike, followed by heavy acid Copper plating, which seals the bumper in copper, essentially making it rustproof. This copper plate is buffed, making the bumper radiant. Buffed copper enhances chrome's final appearance.

Competitively Priced, High Quality Chrome Restoration

Car bumper chrome plating Finished antique car bumper after chrome plating
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At Nu-Chrome, we understand that you may need pricing information to evaluate restoration options.

Our skilled tradesmen are able to cater to the quality level that you require, ranging from show cars to daily drivers.

In order for us to provide a cost estimate or quotation for the service, Nu-Chrome needs to know your project requirements.

Phone Contact (800-422-8012)– Call us anytime to discuss the details of your project with our Sales Manager who has over 30 years of restoration experience.

Email Contact ( – We can provide a detailed response to questions submitted via e-mail. This contact option allows digital pictures to be sent for evaluation and also provides a record for your file.

Visit our pricing page to learn about Nu-Chrome's 3-phase pricing procedure.

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